Saturday, 21 February 2015

February 20th An Ode To A Crown and What Got Me Down

Once upon a time in a land nearby
In the Land Of Irene actually, if you wondered why
Irene lurched from calamity to peril
I often wonder why her name wasn't Beryl

So what happened today, is regarding her mouth
A dental crown fell out and thank God it didn't go South
As in swallowed in a gulp along with her rice cracker
That would have been one helluva snacker

Irene managed to retrieve her double crown
before it disappeared and went down
But now she has a black gap on her dial
and dare not laugh or give a smile

You most probably heard her swear and curse
as she looked at the Credit Card in her empty purse
So off to the Dentist with a determined grin
and then back home to cuddle a bottle of Gin!!

Further to this post, in an 'It Can Only Happen To Irene' moment..... I was eating my dinner this evening and avoided chewing on the side where the above crown was temporarily cemented in, until it could be permanently fixed next week.

I was eating my Meat, Mashed Potato and Veg, and felt a crunch. I thought that was strange and found the culprit in my mouth. It wasn't the above crown, but get this it was a single crown from the other side of my mouth. So I had the right hand fixed today as a temporary measure to see me through, only to now have a single black gap on the other side, and at the front!! So halfway through my day I had a big double black gap on the front upper right side of my mouth, and I ended my day with a single black gap on the front upper left of my mouth!

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