Tuesday, 24 February 2015

February 23rd The Wooden Spoon Award Goes To...

Drum Roll please... yes the wooden spoon award goes to .......

You, You, You and You. Oh yes and You and You

You may well ask what am I doing with all of these wooden spoons? They are not spoons actually, but rowing boat paddles. Yes you read that right, they are rowing boat paddles. We have a lovely wooden carving purchased in Thailand. The carving is of 10 elephants rowing in a boat, all intricately carved and unrealistic I know, but it looks good. Unfortunately the paddles are quite flimsy and a couple have broken. So George spoke to a Wood Crafter acquaintance - and he crafted new paddles for us - from native Macrocarpa timber. Today our elephants took delivery of their new paddles. I guess you could say these elephants won't be rowing up Sh*t Creek without a paddle!

On a totally different note. I received this email from a customer today that I would like to share with you. Their booking was all finalised, and when emailing their documents, I thanked them for choosing to book with myself. I do realise everyone does have a choice as to where they book and I like to pass on my appreciation and to thank my customers. The reply I received in the first paragraph did somewhat floor me.. it isn't a pleasure dealing with me? I sincerely hope that was due to a typo :)

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