Tuesday, 17 February 2015

February 16th The Vet And The Kauri

It was time for Minnie to go for her annual check up at the Vets today. All good and no health scares. Although old age is definitely creeping up on our girl, as she tipped the scales at an even 5kg for the first time ever. She has always been either 4.8 or 4.9kg, and today she was 5kg.  We are going to have to watch our little fatty doesn't become a big fatty!!

After a clean bill of health, time to reward our Minnie Moo with a walk. Hamilton has had the pleasure of still having lovely high temperatures. It was 27 degrees when we got home late afternoon. It is very pleasant as there is nice cloud cover and no relentless, hot burning sun. The clouds looked very pretty and colourful today

On one of our walking routes, in a very tiny suburban garden, is this tree

I am pretty sure it is a Kauri. This is unusual for the Hamilton region (does anyone know of any other Kauri trees in Hamilton}?  With the size Kauri trees grow to, ie they have massive trunks, and when I say massive, I mean massive - I wonder if any thought was put into the planting of this tree at this point. It is on the boundary with the public footpath. and as I mentioned in a very, very tiny garden. I hope I have a few more years on the clock to watch its progress and growth! Or if it isn't a Kauri, please correct me and I would love to know what it is.

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