Friday, 5 September 2014

September 4th Random Act of Kindness

There is a little bit of a back story to today's blog and photo. We need to rewind approximately 24 hours. There was a knock at our front door and I wondered what excitement lay on the other side of the closed door. I opened the door to find a young, early 20 somethings girl, touting a Power Company. No big deal, they do cold call, but this was the third call in something like one month from the same company. Which I nicely advised her of and was promised the last time my house would be marked as not interested. I advised I did not like being a grumpy old bag, but this did tend to make me a tad tetchy. So it was apologies all round, we won't be back, it won't happen again - and I perfectly understand and look at my iPad for this address - it definitely says Do Not Call - Not Interested. Close the door on that one.

Fast forward 24 hours. Time to take Minnie for her daily walk of discovery of new smells and fresh air, and at the bottom of our driveway was the same Power Company girl from yesterday. She asked me for a specific house number and said "I spoke to you yesterday didn't I"?  I reminded her I was the grumpy old bag from up the hill, and she said "You weren't grumpy. Actually I thought you were lovely''  (she can stick around).

So as appears to happen when I have these type of conversations - next minute I started to get her personal history. She wanted to make something of her life and had not only this job but also made jewellery, was a therapeutic masseuse and also wrote poetry.

After a discussion that lasted approximately ten minutes, with that she whipped out a piece of paper, asked me my name, wrote it down the page lengthwise, and this is what she gave me..

Maybe I aren't such a grumpy old bag :)

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