Monday, 1 September 2014

August 29th, 30th and 31st.. The Three Day Blog In One.

Unless there are extenuating circumstances, as you well know I usually post a photo everyday on my blog. Over this past weekend, I actually forgot. It was the first weekend in quite a long time that I wasn't a work widow, and I have to confess I was just enjoying the mundane. Doing groceries as part of two and pottering around home as part of two.

Friday started off well, when I received these tasty morsels via the Courier. Thanks Tasti NZ !!

And then with very little happening over the weekend, the focus was on food. A taste for Thai came over me. Friday nights dinner was Tom Kha Gai. Time to defrost some necessary ingredients to make that work

There is a fantastic Thai Grocery shop here in Hamilton, and it was time to replenish the pantry with some Thai food. The staff are so lovely in there - and the lady on the counter directed me to the best Thai Fish and Oyster Sauces. I was heading for more expensive products and she waved me away and said these are much better and cheaper.  I then mentioned Yentofo noodles I had enjoyed at a Street Restaurant in Bangkok - well we may not have the same here, but she directed me to a packet that were similar in taste.

 As this 3 Day in One Blog seems food focussed, I guess I should have included Saturday nights dinner - which I didn't. The BBQ received an airing, and the Salmon Moustade was sensational. No photo sorry as we were too busy enjoying the food!!

On Sunday however, George took over the cooking reins and it was time for a Romanian meal. Creamed Spinach topped with the best Hash Browns I have ever tasted. The Hash Browns are sensational and it was one of George's Mama's recipes. I was told it could not be shared with anyone, and I asked well what about with me? I was lovingly informed that I was the exception and he would share the written recipe with me - which of course was all in Romanian. So Mama's recipe has to remain a secret - but Mama's Hash Browns are the absolute best believe me!

And that my friends, was the Three Day Blog In One.

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