Thursday, 31 July 2014

July 30th Two Chairs

George came up with an idea that it would be nice for Havana and Samara to each have their own chairs when they visit. Samara is still a little too young at 18 months to be involved in the decision making, so it was up to her big sister.

Matching Chairs? Yes Please
Colour? Pink
Both in Pink? Yes Please

So the first one was duly completed and Little H said it was cool. We asked her to sit on it - and she refused. We asked if she liked her chair, and she said "Yes, it's so cool"  Which of course then led to the query "Why won't you sit in it?" Her response "Because it's not fair for Samara. Her chair isn't finished, so I will wait until her chair is finished"

Well you can guess what happened. That sent George into a flurry of hammering and building, to get Chair No. 2 completed.  Last weekend he finished it and we decided to send off a photo of both chairs next to each other, and duly completed.  The response "But Nana, where are the cushions that should be on them?"  Quick, let's take another photo


  1. Very cool chairs, especially like how they have their names on them, I am sure they will love them. And how considerate and patient waiting until both were finished before sitting on them, that's being a good sister! Brenda