Friday, 25 July 2014

July 24th It Was Right Under My Nose

I was determined today that I would manage a mid afternoon break, and take Minnie for her walk. The responsibility has fallen on George for a few days now.

The sun was shining, 
the sky was blue, 
but it was still cold, 
what do you do?

I digress, the other reason for my walk is they serve a dual purpose.  Our walks are where I often find subjects/objects that inspire me to take a photo of the day   Which I did. However when I got home and took time out to admire the up and coming spring garden, it was one beautiful bud so close to home that opened my heart.

Here is our very first Freesia bud of the season. Not long until it opens and the others with it, and we are enveloped by their absolutely, heavenly smell

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