Friday, 4 July 2014

July 3rd A Water Reservoir

There are two notable Water Reservoirs in Hamilton that I have been aware of. They have always been part of the Hamilton skyline. In recent times however I have wondered as to whether they are still utilised or are they just too big to do anything about.

So I decided to use modern technology at its best and sent the Council a message via Facebook. This is what eventuated

A question I have often pondered when out and about in Hamilton. The Water Towers - ie up by the Lake and on Forest Lake Road - are they still used? Can you please put this mystery that stops me sleeping at night to rest (not that bad, but every time I see them, I do wonder!!)

Their Social Media person responded almost immediately which I think deserves a pat on the back. Should anyone else in Hamilton ponder the Mysteries of The Tron, here is what they replied:

Yes, the water towers (water reservoirs) are both operational and are used on a daily basis!

Reservoirs provide water for emergency storage, as well as helping with the supply of water during periods of high water demand.

The city has a total of seven operational reservoirs of different sizes located in various locations around the city as well as on site water storage at the Water Treatment Plant.

Hope you can get some sleep now!

So now when I pass or see these giants in my travels, my mind can be put to rest. For those of you wondering what on earth I am talking about? Here is a picture taken today on my daily travels


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