Friday, 18 July 2014

July 17th Food Snobbery?

Have you  noticed food snobbery creeping into the repertoire of daily life? I wonder if this is due to the dearth of cooking shows - we must plate our dinners and for food to past muster it must appear exotic and be imported. But then if imported foods are the one that appeals, what do the Italians and Spaniards look upon as exotic - imported NZ food? NZ foods that some of us look down our noses upon?

The above thoughts led me to look at the packets in my pantry. Yes I use packets. I love cooking and try and do as much as possible from scratch - but that doesn't always work. Have you tried making the Good Ole Kiwi Dip from scratch? It was time for my packet container to have a tidy up anyway so I went delving to see what was in there. All ok - but a packet of powdered Tomato soup? That one is a quandary as it is something I would never buy? I am wondering if it was part of a prize or hamper won at some time. I guess I am going to have to make up some tomato soup now

Here is the evidence from my pantry...

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