Sunday, 20 July 2014

July 19th Two Cars

It is not often our individual cars have an outing together. But today they did, comparing engine sizes, deciding which is the best oil and the best petrol station to make you purr. What it is like staying at the front of the house compared to being around the back. You get my motor drift.

Where were we? Inside deciding on a new light fitting for the hallway.  This week George was replacing light bulbs and I am sure the light fittings we have are originals from when the house was built, circa 1920.  They had a bit of dust on them so he decided a clean would be in order. Well unexpectedly one of the three glass shades decided to shatter. So a new light fitting was in order. I met George after he had finished work. Off we went to find something that was new but that looked 1920s!

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