Tuesday, 1 July 2014

June 30th Efficiency At Its Finest

I had surgery in November, and for legal reasons was advised that I should ask to have all removed tissues returned to me.  I received this letter the other day that they were ready for collection. I do have to wonder where my tissue have been hanging out all this time after seven months . Bit of partying, or pulling themselves together for the reunion with their original owner?

The phone call was made today to arrange collection. There was absolutely no address on the covering letter. It appeared all very covert and undercover. I had to specify the date and time I would be making the collection. Then to cap the call off on a hilarious note, I was advised that Michael J*** would be the person to see and he would take me down. Me thinks I had better be ready to call for back up

Am I - or my tissues - going to be in a James Bond movie?

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