Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July 29th A New Wives Tale Proven To Be True

I have heard over recent years that if little kiddies are suffering from bad cough's - and overnight is often the worst -  at bed time to rub Vicks VapoRub on the sole of their feet and cover with socks. This is supposed to give them a cough free sleep.

I have often wondered why this wouldn't work for adult feet. Now that I have the 'Billion Times Worse Than The Man Flu'  and have started coughing and spluttering, I decided to put the theory to the test

The test results have now been collated and are in. Dropping off to sleep there were still a few cough episodes. However for half of the night, I had a cough free sleep and slept well. The second half was still a good sleep, but interrupted not so very often however, by a short coughing episode every now and then.

So I can recommend this method. All hail the mighty Vicks VapoRub

ps because I am suffering from the 'Billion Times Worse Than The Man Flu' - my photo of the day is a screen shot I took to send to George, so he knew what to look for at the supermarket and to purchase for me. Don't split hairs - it is still a photo!!

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