Wednesday, 9 July 2014

July 8th Oh Please Vote For Me

Well a double entry in today's blog  Firstly let's do the important, very important, most extremely important self promotion.

Over on there has been a competition involving different recipes using a cooked chicken - leftover or otherwise. I am not sure if you remember a recent blog where I utilised a leftover roast chicken meal and cauliflower cheese, and made a pie out of leftovers. Then entirely coincidentally, Helen of Foodlovers announced her competition, in conjunction with Tegel Chicken, for tried and true new recipes using a cooked chicken.

What is a girl to do? I recreated my recipe for Chicken and Cauliflower Cheese Pie and posted an entry. There are 2 different lots of judging involved. There is a judging panel and then there is .. drum roll.... wait for it as this is where you come into it.  The Public Vote. Yes, that is you, you and you trying to look nonchalant in the corner over there.

Here is my recipe, a photo of the completed product taken by yours truly, and the link for you to push that magic button if you so desire  Scroll down to the aptly named Chicken and Cauliflower Cheese Pie  and vote for me. Note I am saying that as a pretty please all tied up in a sparkly pink bow with little grey elephants on them.

Next... you thought I had forgotten my photo of the day diidn't you! I very nearly did, but I had a Doodler at my table. And here is the result. And they say our doodles (who invented that word?) have a hidden meaning from our subconscious within!


  1. Thank you so much Anonymous person xx

  2. That looks like something a boy would doodle !!
    Off to vote now :) Brenda

    1. You are so right Brenda. Thanks for the vote as well :) xxx

  3. Me done one two!

  4. Thank You!! I am way down in the public spectrum however. But every vote counts, so a big thanks xxx