Sunday, 27 July 2014

July 26th Eggs In the Oven and Curd, Spread or Honey?

Last week I stumbled on a hint for 'hardboiling' eggs in the oven. Yes, you read that right. It intrigued me and so I decided to give it a go. I am reporting back that all went well. We ended up with perfect hard boiled eggs! This will be the way going forward with eggs for me from now on.

We also had a glut of gifted Lemons. There is only so much Gin one can have - and it is not really my tipple of choice on a winter's evening.  So I decided to make Lemon Honey/Lemon Curd/Lemon Spread - depending on what side of the tracks you are from


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    1. So do I (obviously)... and I have been umming & ahhing about making it, as most recipes use egg yolks only. Geo happened to bring home some free recipe books from a job he was on at Chelsea Sugar and lo and behold their recipe uses whole eggs - a winner for me :)