Friday, 1 August 2014

July 31st Fishy Going Ons

Over at  a food challenge has been started, where once a week you are given one or two ingredients and it is up to you to make a new recipe using those ingredients. Feel free to join if you want to by the way.  The idea isn't to put you into a combat situation against other contestants (knives drawn at six o'clock) but just to extend your own cooking repertoire with an untried recipe. This week the ingredients given were Yeast and/or Lime.

My beady eyes pounced on the word Lime. Because lurking in my freezer, I have a container full of Kaffir Lime Leaves and Limes from our tree.  At the end of summer, before wrapping the tree up against the winter frost, George gave it a prune and picked all the limes. It was an experiment as to how well they would freeze for use over the winter months, and they have done well

The recipe I found was for Fish Cakes using Kaffir Leaves. The Kaffir wasn't an adornment, but finely chopped into the cake. That was accompanied by finely chopped spring onion, parsley and grated ginger And included Wasabi Paste

And here is the finished product. This recipe is going to be a keeper!

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