Wednesday, 27 August 2014

August 26th Say Cheese

Back to the food focus and the challenge.  This week it is Cheese and/or Rhubarb. Well I detest Rhubarb, so can't see myself going there. I was going to stretch to muffins, but even the thought of Rhubarb muffins - ummm no thank you.  So I decided on Cheese - which is a real challenge, as how do you do something new with cheese?  I have made my own cheese, so can't go there. Well after many hours of searching (ie maybe one minute spent with Mr Google), I came upon this idea, which I have tasted similar before, but not attempted myself. A Baked Garlic and Thyme Brie.  Put this one into your finger foods repertoire people - it is a keeper. Well not really a keeper, because you eat it and it is gone. Rephrase that - the recipe is a keeper.

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