Tuesday, 19 August 2014

August 18th When The Timing Is Wrong - Or Was It?

Weather wise today appeared as if it was going to be a replica of yesterday. Beautiful sunshine and a day that resembled a Spring day.  So the major decision of my day was ''Should I walk Minnie while the sun is shining - but I look like shite" or ''Should I shower, do my hair, look respectable" and then take Minnie for her walk.

Option No. 2 won the day with no need for coin tossing. Go figure - it was a no brainer! I could be walking through the park and bump into George Clooney and imagine if I looked like I had two week old bed hair, whiskers where there shouldn't be whiskers (why oh why Mother Nature?), and a general air of I can't be bothered syndrome.  What would George (as in Clooney) and actually even my own darling George think?

So it was spruce up time:
Showered and smelling nice - ✔
Hair - ✔
Whisker Patrol Completed - ✔
Brush The Teeth - ✔
Clothed - ✔

Off for our walk we went. But by the time all of the above had been completed, instead of complete blue skies and warm sunshine, the weather resembled this

 But all of our efforts were worth it. A hello and where has the sunshine gone from a man on his front lawn, at a house where you can see yellowing newspapers reaching the top of a window. I have often wondered who did live there.  Then we reached the corner of our street and engaged in a lovely conversation with another gentleman, who gave me all the details of his wife's strokes (she is a year younger then I am, and has already had 5 - that is scary) and he is an ex smoker but only since May of this year (and smoked the same amount as I used to) and is now ill with Emphysema.

Note to self... .never, ever go back to the ciggies. Glad we managed to knock those on the head! These walks can be quite educational.

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