Monday, 9 May 2016

May 9th What Is This?

Well may you ask! It actually is a humble Shower Cap. And you may also well ask, Irene why are you posting a photo of a shower cap?

The reason I am posting a photo of a shower cap, is that I have an abundance here at home of shower caps. Mainly due to the number of hotels I stay at, whether it is for work or pleasure. Other guests may take the moisturisers, the tea, the coffee, the soaps, but not me. I take the shower caps (and just between you and me, I make sure I put them in my suitcase every day so they are replaced on a daily basis - but I am telling you that in confidence)..

Why I took a photo of the shower cap today, is because this evening was the first time I have ever used a shower cap for its intended use. I had been to the hairdressers, and wanted a shower and wanted to protect my perfectly coloured and perfectly styled coiffure

Usually shower caps are used for a very different purpose in this household. They make the most perfect food covers when storing left overs in your refrigerator.

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