Monday, 23 May 2016

May 21 - 22 A Weekend of Gifts

Saturday was busier than usual. I had South Island based customers visiting up here in the North, for whom I have done quite a few bookings and an online friendship has evolved. It was the perfect opportunity, with them having to be in our neck of the woods, to meet them finally.

They also happen to own NZ's largest lavender farm, and  coincidentally featured on a NZ television program just the week prior.  And they are dog lovers, with two small dogs of their own. Unfortunately because they flew, the dogs had to remain home, so Minnie was unable to meet some new friends as well. But we plan on rectifying that in the future.

The guys came bearing gifts - lavender based products from their own lavender of course, which really had us ooh-ing and aah-ing. And were thoughtful enough to not forget Minnie

This was especially brought back from their last trip to India for me

A wonderful evening with wonderful new friends. By the time they left we were well into Sunday. Yes it was well past the witching hour. Which meant Sunday was a slob and blob day, and the weather gods 'rewarded' us with inclement weather which removed any thoughts of guilt for being couch potatoes.

Our Orchids have been moved onto the front deck so they have some protection from rain, wind and frosts that will no doubt pop up now we are very close to Winter. As a thank you, there are lots of flower buds on all the plants. Obviously when we have more than one plant flowering, I will post a photo of all of them and the various colours

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