Saturday, 21 May 2016

May 20th End Of The Day

It was nearing bed time, the time when I start my Snore Fest (although this has reduced in volume now thanks to a recent purchase). George was in full repose on one sofa fast asleep. Minnie was tucked up beside me, making sure that I was half off the sofa I was sitting on, and she had the other 7/8th's 

Yes, it was 9:30pm well maybe 9:00pm, oh okay even 8:30pm if I am to be totally honest. Come on,, give us a break. It has been a hard week and isn't this what everyone does on a Friday night?

But that isn't what I was going to write about! The reason I started, is because it was nearly time to go to bed, and then the thought struck me. I hadn't taken a photo all day. I had been at my desk all day coming to grips with a new computer program and here we were with the day done and dusted, and no photo.

Oh the shock! Oh the horror! A glance around the room. No, George wouldn't appreciate waking up to find there was going to be a photo of him asleep on the couch. Minnie would only lift one eyelid and glare, and tell me with that one glare to not even think about it. A selfie? OMG - that would shut this blog permanently down or readership numbers would plummet. There was nothing for it, but to take a photo of what I was watching on the screen. After all who doesn't love Mrs Brown's Boys and Mrs Brown. No matter how many times I have seen the same episodes, I still have a good belly laugh.


  1. Ha Ha Irene - love your writings! We love Mrs Browns Boys too. We went to see 'Her' show in Auckland last month - brilliant! There's nothing like seeing them all in the flesh so to speak and you are right, seeing the episodes more than once, her antics still have us belly laughing. Hope there are many more episodes to come.

    1. Thank you Dawn. I wish we could have seen her live - that would have been a fantastic show to see. We had too much on at that time and there was no way I could wangle it. I am so glad you got to see 'her' :) xxxx