Tuesday, 24 May 2016

May 23rd For One Little Minute

Yes for one little minute, one tiny portion in time, my stomach fluttered. You most probably wonder what on earth I am on about. I am a sucker for purchasing the all elusive winning lottery ticket. It is my only vice (in gambling that is) in life.

Well... the Lotteries Commission very kindly provide a mobile app, so you can scan the barcode of your ticket and see if you are a winner or not. Which actually is very handy, because if it was 'The One' would you want to be in a public place when you found out. How could you keep your composure? I would be the short, fat, little lady attempting somersaults, hands in the air, acquiring an immediate love for religion and singing out Hally-Loo-Lah's - and all of this in a public space.

Instead, I can now do this in the confines of my own home. Well if I won that is. Which I thought had happened. The App scans the barcode, and then there is a metallic trumpet blast and your screen announces 'You Are A Winner'

That is when you hold your breath, you assemble all in the house if they are home, you are nearly peeing yourself with excitement, you survey your immediate surroundings to see if somersaults are possible, you plan your retirement - and then you click to see what you have won.

Which is exactly what happened today. Trumpet Blast. Breath held. Click. Here is the result.

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