Monday, 9 May 2016

May 8th Sunday Servings

A normal Sunday here, with some differing sightings. Firstly at the supermarket for our weekly shop, saw this lovely old girl

Then we were stopped at traffic lights and there were roadside plantings on the traffic islands. This coincidentally is a wonderful feature throughout Hamilton. It is great to stop at traffic lights and see lovely plantings of flowers and greenery. However the latest planting at this island had me surprised. There was lots and lots of parsley planted in the middle, and it was growing in abundance! I doubt it could be picked and eaten due to traffic fumes, but what a wonderful idea. The photo unfortunately isn't very clear as I was in the passenger seat on the other side, and we weren't stopped for long.

It was a grey, dismal day. Which was a contrast to the previous day which was a summer's day, with blue sky and 25 degrees. Today was the exact opposite, with lots of cloud cover. Therefore it was very surprising to be treated to a spectacular sunset in the evening

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