Monday, 2 May 2016

April 30th and May 1st Weekend Shenanigans

The week that has been, has had a chain of unusual circumstances relating to my birthday, which was two months ago.

It started with a decision to go under the tattoo needle again, which George had stated would be a birthday present from him. He was gifting me a balloon ride, but the weather gods saw fit for that to not eventuate. So instead it was a tattoo, that has taken a while to decide on.

That was the first event. The next was as covered in my previous day's blog, a lovely lunch with two lovely friends - which has taken two months to eventuate due to timetables.

Finally culminating this weekend with receiving another belated present, which due to distance barriers meant it wasn't easy to get here.  Shirley, who does not live locally, designed and made this garden totem,, and it was a gift from our friends, Raewyn and Danny in Perth. I just love it, and with the elephant theme, it certainly suits our home

I certainly am very lucky to still be receiving birthday wishes and gifts two months after the event.

We were also very lucky to have our eldest granddaughter stay for the weekend.

Havana decided that for Sunday breakfast, that George could join us at our very special, secret cafe that only us girls have been to.  I can't tell you the name of the cafe as I have been sworn to secrecy and it is only for us, and now George, to enjoy. But I can tell you the food they serve is the best and never fails to please.

Oh and if locals do want to know where this is - I am open to Bribery and Corruption!

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