Monday, 30 May 2016

May 27th - 29th Minnie Munching For Green and Other things

How quickly they roll around. Another weekend has just flitted by, just as in now you see it and now you don't. Here today and gone tomorrow. Yes that is exactly what it was like.  And because I can't really believe it was here and gone, I am going to display my photos out of order.

Let's go backwards for a change and start with Sunday. Minnie does like her greens, as in grass only, and a certain variety only. To the extent that we have to leave a weedy patch in the garden for her to munch on  It wasn't hard to notice she had been having a spot of indulgence

This is the only green she will eat. If there are peas in her food, we have watched as she has expertly spat individual peas out across the floor, and she won't eat any dry food that is green. However when it comes to her grass.

Rewind to Saturday, and just like the week before it was time to check the lotto tickets And!!!!

 Still  not enough to retire on. But it was lovely to hear the metallic trumpet blast and to read 'You Are A Winner'

Rewind further back one more day to Friday. Usually my weekend posts are only for the Saturday and Sunday, but as I worked most of Saturday, I had to forego my Friday post due to lack of time. Friday was actually lovely as there was a little hiatus in the middle of my working day, and I was taken out to lunch by absolutely wonderful customers (the ones holidaying up here from the South Island). They wanted to get together for one last time, whilst they were up here. So I was collected by chariot and whisked off to lunch at Good George Brewery.

Don't worry! This is not where we dined and only their promotional caravan. Here is where we had lunch, although our drink of choice was a Cider

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