Monday, 1 August 2016

July 30th and 31st The Weekend That Was Brought To You By The Letter 'B'

It definitely was a weekend ruled by the letter 'B' - and I am not talking about the word starting with B that can not only refer to a female dog.... but also to myself at times.

Friday evening, as already blogged on July 29th, was taken care of by Bill - ie Before Bill/After Bill. When Saturday loomed, it was the usual. George at work, humdrum groceries. I rushed home as I was going to work the rest of the day, and then decided before I placed my butt on the chair, I would take Minnie for her walk, as there was a rare display of sunshine.

So off we trotted. We got to Minnie's boyfriend Monty's house, and was kindly greeted by his owner Margaret (a profusion of 'M's there (might have to keep that in mind for another blog). She excitedly told me I must come and see her Butterflies. Well we wandered into her garden and I have never witnessed such a beautiful sight in my life. These photos do not do it justice as I didn't want to get too close to scare off the Butterflies. One large shrub was totally covered in Monarch butterflies, with nearby Camellia trees also home to a few.

This was better than a TV show. I could have pulled up a chair and sat their mesmerised all day. But both Minnie's walk and work beckoned unfortunately.

Sunday? Well we started off with Sunday Brunch - no doubt you have heard of the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's - well we had Breakfast at Bob's (my nickname for my little sister). A champagne (that was not the real champagne,but a good Spanish version) Breakfast, shared with Bob, Ian, Geoff and Deb. And this time George got to join us and wasn't away on a work jaunt.


  1. The monarch butterflies make an amazing photo there. I thought they all headed somewhere up North for the winter. I have never ever seen Monarchs in quantity like that. So good to see they must still be plentiful.
    Dawn. xx

  2. These photos do not do the Monarchs justice. I didn't want to get too close - but there were more on the camelias and shrubs around here. This part of this lady's garden is a sun trap and they obviously love it. But Margaret did say it is the first time every this has happened :)