Monday, 8 August 2016

August 6th and 7th Paperwork and A Splash

And another weekend goes by. I actually spent Saturday afternoon working. I have very elderly customers off on quite an involved trip. She has been worried about the paperwork involved, on which part of their itinerary taxis are required, when transfers are booked etc etc.  So I did the right thing, and even though it is unusual in this day and age, I printed everything off for her and highlighted important parts.  It actually took over an hour to do this and I hope it does ensure safe and easier travels for them

 Sunday was great as I got to see my Granddaughter at her swimming practice. She certainly has advanced  and it was great to see her swimming ability has increased,and even doing a great dive into the pool.


  1. Now that's a Travel Agent who really cares and goes that extra mile for her elderly clients to ensure their trip goes smoothly and with no worries.

    Definitely a rarity you are Irene.

  2. Meant to add to above that your Granddaughter could be wearing a tutu the way your camera has caught the water splashing! Neat photo.

  3. Cheers Dawn for both comments - The splash does actually look like a tutu :) xxx