Saturday, 20 August 2016

August 19th World Photography Day

Yes. Someone, somewhere has decided that August 19th is World Photography Day. Which makes me wonder who decides that on a certain day of the year, it is going to be a World [insert event] Day. Is there a committee somewhere in the world, thinking that day would be good for that. And how does an event be deemed good enough to be commemorated world wide? Do the events for the year ahead get written on a piece of paper, and drawn out like a lottery, and at the same time a date. What if events coincide? What will happen when there are more than 365 (or 366 like this year) events per year. Will the world suffer? Will the world be blase from having too many events? 

I just had a thought! I wonder if I call upon my best mate Mr Google, if I can get a list of all the World Days, I could then do photos to match. I just hope there isn't a World Underpants Day.

Back to World Photography Day, here is my contribution from when I was walking in our local park today. I pinch myself when I see this sight, that we live in a very urban area and have this on our doorstep.

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