Thursday, 4 August 2016

August 3rd This Is Bugging Me!

Today I saw this beetle in the garden, and have seen these before. I have always presumed it was a different coloured ladybird. And then thought maybe not. So I came inside and asked my best mate Mr Google, by doing a reverse image search.The result? Mr Google replied that it was an insect. Now it is bugging me if it is just a different coloured ladybird or something else. Can someone tell me please?


  1. They are very unusual aren't they! Some years ago I looked for information as to whether they are ladybirds, and they are. It is almost as if you would expect to see your reflection in their wing covers! I love ladybirds.

    This is some info: The Steelblue Ladybird is a small (length 4mm) hemisphere shaped and is dark metallic blue in colour. When viewed from above the wing covers are a complete circle. It is native to eastern Australia. The Steelblue ladybird was introduced to New Zealand as a biological control for citrus insects pests from Australia in 1899 and 1905 for the control of black scale and blue gum scale.
    Lovely photo!
    Dawn. x

  2. Dawn, that is absolutely wonderful of you to share this information thanks! Very interesting to see that they are an introduced species and native to Australia. Thank you so, so much xxx