Monday, 29 August 2016

August 27th and 28th Weekend Wherefore's

Another weekend rolled around. On Friday, it was sitting there extremely tantalising, and before you could whistle Dixie (if you could whistle, as I have to confess that is something I can't do), the weekend was over.

Weather conditions went from one extreme to the other each day. Friday and into Saturday, winds howled at gale force conditions and rain was pelting down. George decided to put his butcher hat on for the following

Yes, something is buried in a lot of salt, and will be for I am not sure how long, but a while. Watch this space for the mouth watering results to follow........   sorry I just had to leave the computer to go and grab a tissue to wipe the saliva off my chinny chin chin!

On to Sunday. What a complete contrast  in weather. The sun was shining, the wind was still and it was a beautiful day.  Today George put on his photographer's hat (butcher one day, photographer the next - I did marry a very talented man), and we headed out to Raglan to see family and to take some photos for a holiday rental to be listed. Actually by the way, if anyone is heading to Raglan, and would like a nice 2 bedroom holiday apartment to stay at, within walking distance to town - ask away. So George took the photos, and we then enjoyed a late lunch or early dinner enjoying the views, of which I took no photos, as I was too busy sampling a damned good Pinot Gris - and I don't usually drink white wine. It was a very good drop!

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