Tuesday, 23 August 2016

August 20th to 22nd - A Big Oops

Well apologies for being just a tad lackadaisical (how's that for the big word of the week!) with posting. I have been here but time just pulled up her knickers and slipped away from me. The weekend and Monday, went faster than a rat down a drainpipe, faster than a, faster than a, well I think you get my drift.

That doesn't mean I didn't take photos. I certainly did. Saturday ended up being a 'Garden Centre Glories' day. We were chasing a new upright Rosemary plant for the garden. Yes we were successful, but also came home with an extra cactus. When George and I are out together, we are the worst possible influence for each other when it comes to purchases, as compared to when we shop on our own. Back to the Garden Centre, what a wonderful time of year to be in one. With Spring just around the corner the Magnolia trees are in full bloom (except for our piddly one at home that still hasn't flowered after 10 years), and there are wonderful blossoms everywhere

Sunday was spent enjoying dinner with family. Chico is trying to be a chick magnet, well in his case a bitch magnet.

Then we got to Monday. I had a very early start to make my way up to the big smoke, aka Auckland, for a training course. So not too much going on either. Apart from people that don't know the road rules and instead of indicating to merge slowly (like a zip) onto the motorway from the off ramp, decide to speed straight on and fit in come hell or high water. This happened to me both going up and coming home - I am pleased to say my brakes are extremely efficient.

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