Tuesday, 19 April 2016

April 18th Walks With Minnie

More mystery plants encountered on my walk with Minnie.  This first one I am not sure if it is either a Pomegranate or a Chilean Guava. 

Look at the berries on this tree. Aren't they a gorgeous colour?. This is a large tree and the first time I have ever seen any berries on it. It is absolutely laden.

Finally, on my walks with Minnie, we usually encounter discarded mattresses. Well today it was furniture, and two plastic bags full of wine and martini glasses. Glad to see the neighbourhood is mixing it up.


  1. They look very much like pomegranates Irene, but it is hard to gauge how large they are. The leaves look similar to pomegranate. One has split I see, but they don't seem to have the red colouring of a pomegranate. I wonder?

    1. Dawn, I am so glad you commented thanks. Your post on FL actually had me wondering if they were. But these people never seem to pick them, and they always eventually split and don't appear to come to anything. Could be our Waikato climate of course? This would be around the third year I have noticed the fruit (nosy old bag aren't I). They would be the size of a small apple. I think our climate is stopping them from progressing any further, which is a shame. Otherwise I would have two plastic bags on our walks - one for Minnie's number 2's and one for these :)

  2. I reckon late flowering and yes, the season has become too cool and they are not mature enough. What a shame! If they are in a sheltered area and not getting enough water as the fruit grow, that will also have an effect on them. You will have to keep an eye on the tree early in November to see if it's flowering then - they could have a chance then maybe. Some people also just grow them as a landscape plant because they have a pinkish tinge to the leaves in Spring as they begin to sprout their leaves and the flowers are attractive in their own right. D.