Thursday, 28 April 2016

April 27th Cilla and Cyril

It was a damp and foggy Waikato morning. Fog hung in the air like a bad smell permeates a room, after someone has broken wind. It took some time to lift.

Cilla was worried. Something she had done or said had upset Cyril. They did have a small spat when they hit the nest finally last night. Their chicks were all but ready to leave the nest and then just when they were about to enjoy some alone time, the damned pregnancy test was positive. There was only so much room in one nest.

What with mouths to feed, a nest that they could hardly afford, and she knew she should not have complained about living in this barren wasteland, with hardly a tree to be found. There were better areas in town, with more foliage and less exposed.

Oh well. Such is life she thought to  herself as she kept searching for the elusive worm. The fact that they constantly slept in, was of no help in catching worms.

Yes Winter was coming, and it did not bode well for the Plover Family.


  1. Love your story but a bit of a stressed one for the plover family!

  2. There were only the two Plovers in this entire grassland and yet they were so far apart!!! xxx