Monday, 4 April 2016

April 3rd The Sunday Food Trail

The title of today's Blog certainly can certainly be misconstrued. Did you have visions of me and mine, out on a sunny Sunday, enjoying wine trails, calling in to Farmers' Markets, sampling wares along the way and returning home with wicker baskets full of lovely produce? Certainly not on this particular Sunday

Instead we were enjoying a Sunday at home, as you do. I actually did come into contact with some wine bottles. That is, I spent time washing, removing labels, ensuring we have empty wine bottles for when our next batch is prepared

My next call of duty reads like a thread on Facebook. She took a dozen eggs and then she did this. Click here to see. Well my darlings, you don't have to do any clicking. Because I will tell you here what I did. I took a dozen eggs, and I placed them in the oven. Here's a tip of the day for you. Heat your oven to 160 degrees celsius (sorry my Fahrenheit readers, you will have to Google the conversion), place a wet tea towel on a rack, followed by your raw eggs. Leave in the oven for 30 minutes. The result? Perfect hard boiled eggs and not one crack or exploding egg to be seen.

Next on our Sunday food trail was brunch/lunch/afternoon munch. Crumbed Eggplant (aka Aubergine), which we ate with Chili Sauce. For him, a strong, fiery Chili Sauce and for her, a sweet Chili Sauce

Finally, a late evening after dinner snack for her. Wonderful, wonderful passionfruit. Not as sweet as the passionfruit from countries with warmer climes, but still good enough to allow me to down more than one.

After all that wonderful lot, I feel like we had our own little private Farmers Market, right here at home

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