Saturday, 16 April 2016

April 15th Three Strikes

Well it really wasn't a negative day, but three negatives happened. Which is about three many too negatives that one person should endure in their daily routine.

First up. Am I glad for insect bombs. This is the first one of these ugly critters I have seen for quite a while, but it was good to see him on his back, legs in the air and very dead. I hope he goes straight to hell and down the toilet he went

Next up and only in the matter of minutes. I decided some Sardines wouldn't go amiss for my lunch. But why, oh why, do ring pull tins have you terrified that you are going to sever an artery if you try and take the entire lid off. They never peel completely off - for me anyway!!  I only ever get 3/4 of the way and then have visions of me unintentionally slitting a wrist and being found in a pool of my own blood on the kitchen floor.

Finally, and I have posted a photo of this before, but to have all three negatives in the one day is a tad too much. Child proof locks on cleaning products. If I didn't have to wait for George to come home to open it for me, I would be over at the neighbour's asking "Excuse me, can you open my bottle of toilet cleaner"?


  1. I haven't seen a child-proof bottle like this here in the US. However, there is an increasing number of manufactured items that are difficult to open
    I like the photograph you posted of the elephants in the previous entry. I saw some on display in someone's yard last Thursday on my way to Rose Hill, NC to purchase wine from Duplin Winery.
    With warmest regards,
    W in Greenville, NC

  2. Greetings W. It has been a long time, so I am glad to see that you are still around. You will be enjoying Spring I hope, as I am not enjoying so much Autumn, as it will be a precursor for Winter for us.
    Take care and lovely to hear from you as always
    Irene in Hamilton, New Zealand