Monday, 25 April 2016

April 23rd and 24th Weekend Observations And The Homeless

Saturday the weather was lovely. I took Minnie for her walk and I decided to be the one in charge of the route as I had a specific destination. Minnie constantly took exception to this and tried to re-route me. Undeterred we carried on, her pulling one way, me pulling the other. There were some sort of championships being held at the local BMX track

I was a Fishing Widow for the day. George was off sailing the high seas and I must admit I was most envious when I got a text that they had spotted a pod of Orcas. The closest I got to any fish was what he brought home all cleaned and filleted, and the following when we headed out to the Night Market for our dinner. I think that is an Octopus, served alongside Pork Ribs and Prawns - a bit of a strange combo?

On to Sunday, and I stumbled across someone homeless in our back yard.

I almost felt sorry for it. Do Snails/Slugs grow new houses. Or are they allocated one at birth and that's it? And if they lose their homes, as has happened here, do they crawl off and die? 

All these questions and more were quite a bit to digest for a Sunday!

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