Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March 30th For Whom The Clock Ticks

Well the majority of clocks don't tick anymore do they, or tock for that matter. Also this photo technically wasn't taken on March 30th.

Twas the middle of the night, well into the witching hour and I wasn't asleep. As you do when you aren't asleep and counting backwards from 300 doesn't work, I started thinking about upcoming events, what would  be a cool wedding present for close friends; the personal email I didn't reply to yesterday, the work that I did - that I had crossed T's and dotted I's. I was almost at the stage of getting up and working as I knew a busy day lay ahead. Common sense won the day against that argument.

In amongst all of that frantic brain activity, I realised I had not taken one snap shot, one solitary photo during the day. The majority of the day had been spent desk bound. So how bad am I? I looked at the clock in our room - the only technology allowed and saw the time. I decided to hop up, go into the kitchen where my phone charges overnight and take a photo. 

Mission accomplished!  Back to bed for another bout of frantic brain activity before finally falling into blissful sleep for all of 20 minutes before the alarm went off.

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