Wednesday, 25 March 2015

March 24th The Therapy of Lasagne

I love making Lasagne from scratch. I don't know if I was an Italian in a past life, but when it comes to all things Italy, I am in love - or should I say 'That's Amore' 

Today it was time for Lasagne. The chopping of the vegetables and making the sauce with lots of fresh vegetables, garlic and passata. There is absolutely no need to buy ready made/packet sauces, as the finest can be made in your own kitchen quite easily, and far surpass anything store bought. Then making a wonderful, creamy Bechamel sauce. Today I used Pecorino Cheese instead of Parmesan - adding to the aroma. Finally assembling your Lasagne. It is all a wonderful therapeutic feeling.This all must be accompanied by a glass of Red in the hand for the duration, of course.

And just like myself (pardon the tongue in cheek comment here), with age a good Lasagne gets better. I think the tastes are even better as the days go on.

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