Monday, 9 March 2015

March 8th A Competition and Beans

Question: I don't know if you can identify what this photo actually is?

Answer: Will post at the end of this blog. I don't want to make it too easy for you! My other photo of today is easily identifiable.

I have always had an aversion to Green Beans, and Yellow Beans, and Flat Beans. Really unless they were in a tin and had preservatives added to them and were in a red sauce, I would not eat them. I then decided there had to be recipes that made them more palatable. I went beavering away, and there was. This year, Green Beans have become a regular fixture on the menu, and tonight was no exception. It's amazing what adding a few extra ingredients can do. Now as for Celery - no way. No beavering to find out ways to make it palatable will be undertaken, and Celery can be stuck where the sun does not extend it's rays to!

As for the first photo and what it was.  That is the windscreen of the car, sitting in the car wash and looking outside from within. You can just spot the glimpse of blue sky outside. There are prizes for the first correct guess, as follows:

First Prize:      A Big, big, big pat on the back
Second Prize:  A Big, big pat on the back
Third Prize:      A Big pat on the back

Terms and Conditions Apply. This competition closes ASAP. The prizes are only as specified, and any extra costs, ie travel costs and incidentals will need to be met by the prize winner themselves.

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