Sunday, 8 March 2015

March 1st - March 7th The Slob and Blob Birthday

Yes it was my Birthday. Or more my Non-Birthday, as there was no February 29th this year Rather than looking at the years being racked up with each passing year and lamenting the passing of time, I actually try (and I stress the word try - I am no Super Positive Whizz Dizz female but I 'try' to be) and enjoy each birthday, as it means I am alive and still kicking.

I have one favourite beach on this earth and that is right here in New Zealand. I have lost count of the number of times we have stayed at Pukehina - but Pukehina has been our choice of local holiday spot for 7 years now - I know it has been 7 years to the year as this was a weekend away for my 2nd to last proper birthday.  I still love it as much as the time we first decided to visit and see what it was like. The house we rent appeals as it is beachfront, and the ocean here is wild and the waves vast. You wake up in the morning and from your bed pop your head up and survey the ocean and sunrise. Downstairs offers the same views when lounging or eating dinner. The waves aren't large enough to entice surfers, which adds to its quiet beach charm. Even on holiday weekends it is quiet. We arrived on a Saturday to a practically deserted beach and that situation remained the same for the entire week.

The downside? The Internet - which actually is a good thing for someone like me, who loves my social media. The speed is slower then a Turtle who functions on Valium - it is Slow, Slow and Slower. So my Blog didn't get published - and it wasn't the end of the world. I still took daily photos, and below is a selection from our week away. I did manage to read 4.5 books however - and I mean books, with a spine and pages you can touch. We slobbed and blobbed and all was good with the world and stress and work free for one magical week.

The sun getting ready to show its face for the day

Well it was my Birthday and Champagne was a necessity

Seen on our walk - I don't know if I would live here

Sunset - as seen from the end of the beach

Sunset - looking back towards our house

Pukehina - Beach views on one side and farm views on the other

Another day - another Champagne

After a stormy night, we discovered unusual sea debris in the morning

Nikki the neighbour slightly miffed that he didn't get a walk and was confined to barracks

Wonderful moonlight to light up our last night

Good Bye Sweet Ocean until next time

From one body of water to another - the mighty Waikato River

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