Monday, 30 March 2015

March 28th - 29th What An Exciting Weekend - Or Was It!!

Just a normal humdrum weekend in the Life of Irene. It is funny as I read an article/blog this week written by a woman and she was saying how people commended her (graciously so) on her picture perfect life and family. She wrote how a photo can appear to capture a picture perfect moment when children and pets look absolutely adorable, but photos do not capture the moments before or after when there are tantrums or total chaos abounds.

My photos are similar. Sometimes I manage to capture a picture perfect moment in my day, and other times, especially with posting a photo a day, there are no picture perfect moments. I am not a photographer by any means, and I capture a certain point in time, a person or a moment in my daily routine, with my Phone Camera.

Life is full of mundane, routine days for everyone that is part of the usual normal human hoy polloy. My weekend?  I have bouts of insomnia and every now and then to compensate for total lack of sleep and to try and lose the suitcases under my eyes, I pop a little blue pill that isn't Viagra to have a full nights sleep. Friday night was one of my pill popping nights, and I didn't emerge out of bed until 10:00am. I then had some work to complete and finally made my way to the supermarket and pushed my trolley along with hordes of others and then joined the long queues, along with hordes of others. George was off replenishing our fish supplies and had a bountiful day once again I am pleased to report. Sunday my outing was to walk Minnie and fluff around the house. George was up to his usual manly hi jinx and replaced a fence, mowed some lawns and in a fit of hyper activity decided the garage needed cleaning and sorting.  That man exhausts me.

So here are photos from my perfectly normal, perfectly mundane, perfectly usual weekend.

Fresh Fish for our Dinner - a Persian Rub and on to the BBQ

A spectacular Sunset as we were setting down for a night of TV

I think it must be Autumn

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