Monday, 23 March 2015

March 21st and 22nd - Something Fishy and A Little Bit of Green

Another weekend means another Saturday and Sunday.  George being fully aware that we are truly into Autumn, decided it was time to head to the high seas for a spot of fishing. With Winter around the corner, there won't be as many opportunities. I am pleased to report that his day out was worthwhile

That was Saturday's effort Sunday was Minnie's day. She obviously had a craving for the green stuff. She gets these urges every now and then. Her search was obviously worthwhile as she eventually came inside and forgot to remove all of the evidence


  1. "Guess where I've been Ma and Pa!"

    Oh what a beautiful picture of Minnie! Those huge, dark adorable eyes.................looking quite innocent as usual! D. xx

    1. Re the innocent look - oh yes she has that look down to a T :) xxx