Tuesday, 24 March 2015

March 23rd To Bee Or Not To Bee

I have a dilemma which is giving me a buzz. You can just call me Honey on this one. Here we go...

To the entrance of the front of our house are steps with large garden to one side and a small garden to to the other. Framed by elephants of course. That part goes without saying. We do have a back gate but that is rarely used. So to come and go to access the car or go for a walk or to greet people, the front entrance is the most commonly used.

I can hear you wondering where the heck I am going with this. Remember I mentioned gardens. Well in the large garden we have planted a large Rosemary that resembles a very small tree now. In the small garden a different variety of Rosemary, that is hanging. Both are currently in prolific flower.

Did you know that Bees love the colours blue and purple, and I am not sure if you are aware of the colour of the Rosemary flower but it is between the two hues. Bees are becoming endangered due to mankind's love of chemicals and so it is great to hear the buzz of the bees on our rosemary. They are everywhere and on both sides of the path. It is a welcome sight to see that it is Bees visiting and not the nasty wasp.

However in life there are always buts. I am allergic to bee stings. So every day when I walk down this path I take a deep breath, stay calm and make my way through the buzz. Which brings me to the question. To Bee Or Not To Bee? I think in this instance and for the sake of the earth, it has to be To Bee. Don't you?

Pardon the weeds. With all the bees in residence during the day, there is no way I am going near here to pull out weeds!

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