Tuesday, 8 April 2014

April 7th 'twas A Dark Night

'twas a Dark Night
When I went to bed and was greeted with a strange sight
Minnie was stretched out from head to toe
and George was reclining on her body don't you know
I could only see half her body and a lonesome hand
Was there room for me in this somewhat strange land?


  1. Dare I say it.............but at first glance I thought he'd squashed Minnie (OH NO!) On 2nd looks I'd say Minnie is in a pretty good place, totally relaxed and sound asleep.......probably like Master?
    D. x

    1. Minnie was squashed - but didn't move an inch. She always starts the night like this and in winter time - you can't even see her. Then as the night goes on she wiggles along and ends up in a curled position - on my side. George often finds her like this in the morning - and my legs hanging out the bed. I think in her mind it is a bed made for a dog and two humans can squeeze in!! xxx

  2. Gorgeous! Our cat (now gone to rest) loved none better than to lay between the two of us, always lay on her back all 4 paws up! Don't the animals just love that warmth.
    D. xx

    1. How sad when they pass away. Your cat must have been special. And when they allow, or rather want, themselves to be squashed isn't that proof how much they trust us and feel secure. They know they are totally safe!