Monday, 28 April 2014

April 24th to 27th Another Long Weekend - Oh The Pain

Another long holiday weekend, so what is one to do? If one is invited away - one can only but accept.  We enjoyed an absolutely great weekend at Cooks Beach - the days felt more like Summer and the nights weren't cold at all.

APRIL 24th Hi Ho Hi Ho, It's On A Road Trip That We Go:

After a day of torrential downpours, seeing this sky as we headed off appeared quite promising

 Got to the beach house and unpacked as you do, and then relaxed with a Wine, as you do. We then noticed Minnie had made her own way on to this huge mound of blankets and bedding to recuperate from her travel exhaustion

APRIL 25th Slob And Blob Day

Crae adding to his 5+ a Day Quota - Yellow and Red are suggested colours aren't they?

 Watching Neighbourhood games with the kids next door. Sack Races and a Tug Of War appeared to be the favourites - this made for very exhausting watching - and required a small G & T to alleviate the stress

APRIL 26th There is More To Cooks Beach than Beach

Pleasantly surprised when walking Minnie to find a lovely walkway and man made (maybe) river/lake.

 A bit of arty farty fence work - very impressive

A Banksia (?) not to be confused with the UK Artist known as Banksy - in full flower

 APRIL 27th Sob, Sob, Time to Head Home

 Maybe if we turned left instead of right and got lost, we could extend our long weekend?

 Why did I include this photo? Because look at those freaky dots in the photo? Is it a Ghost, Is it a spiritual manifestation? No, it's the back of my phone case - ha! Gotcha!!

 One last final glimpse of the ocean

 Home through NZ's lush forest and winding roads

Had to Google the Monkey Puzzle Fruit. Up to 5kgs! Never heard of the tree before, let alone the fruit. It was with great trepidation I made my way past to use the local conveniences in Paeroa

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