Saturday, 5 April 2014

April 4th From Waikato to Waitakere

Today was a day out for me, myself and Irene, to visit a friend in Waitakere. When visiting I come away fulfilled. Due to the friendship and all it offers, and from drinking in the beauty of Mother Nature. These photos do not capture it fully and there are also sea views in the distant.  The house is in native forest and surrounded by Kauri trees.

This photo doesn't do justice to the size and beauty of this Kauri by the front deck

Another aspect of the view from the front deck

One must eat out, and the Nasi Lemak at a New Lynn Malaysian restaurant was as good as anything I have enjoyed in Malaysia

Finally, due to renovations about to commence there is a clean out in the house going on. Of course all elephant items have been sent to a good home, ie mine. But I was leafing through some books destined to be donated to the Salvation Army. I may never, ever read it. But who can let a book printed in 1919 go!  I had to save its life and I guess over Easter I will be reading about The Evolution of The Dragon. The book is in pristine condition, but is so old, the title has worn off the cover and the binding.

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