Tuesday, 22 April 2014

April 18th to April 21st - Firry-Toe-A Weekend

I just used that pronunciation for Whiritoa, just in case any overseas friends have trouble thinking how to say Whiritoa.  Yes it was Easter. Back in February I realised that I had not been to the beach once this NZ summer. Egads I hear you say! Believe me, what I said was worse, and was closely related to that piece of cutlery - the fork.  So I started looking for a rental, and came upon a beach property at Whiritoa, which would do nicely thank you. For me, myself and Irene and George of course. 

April 18th - We set off on our little jaunt on Good Friday. The day before had been literally cyclonic weatherwise and filled with announcements of various road closures due to bad weather. Would we get there? Would the Pope take a .... in the woods? Would a Bear wear a funny hat?

Yikes - destination 17.8kms away. This does not look promising
Mountain Views from the Kitchen Bench - yep I can live with that

 George practicing his mountain goat abilities. He called out to me there's a lizard on the rocks, there's a lizard on the rocks - indeed there was

A beautiful finish to our first day

April 19th It rained on and off, so a movie marathon was called for. George's folder of DVDs especially for beach breaks, came out. A day of movies and rainbows

Mushroom on Toast anyone?

April 20th It was a warm day, the sun was out and the beach beckoned - everyone

April 21st  Before heading home, we decided to make a wee 12km sojourn to Whangamata - Fung-A-Mar-Tar - for brunch.  The town resembled a city, the cafes were overflowing - and then in a back street I spied with my little eye (and the other one) a Pub.  A good old pub.  So to go with brunch, what does one have when one is in a pub?

She spotted a Cider
And thought that should go inside her
With a hint of apples and bubbles
It went down with no troubles
And then her brunch was beside her

 Brunch?  Deep Fried Camembert with Plum Sauce and some healthy green stuff. I only ordered this, because approximately a week ago I was reminiscing with my little sister that this dish was so yummy. However it no longer featured on menus. So when I saw this on the menu - what was I to do?

And that was our Easter Weekend at Whiritoa. Back to reality and work, and work and reality.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's back to work I go
With an iPad here and a computer there
Hi Ho, Hi Ho !!

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