Monday, 7 April 2014

April 6th The Harvesting of the Grapes

We may only have a small suburban section, but that doesn't stop us growing grapes. Here is half of the harvest


  1. These grapes look delicious. They remind me of the scuppernong grapes native to north-east NC and grown here in Va. They are harvested starting around Labor Day. Enjoy!!!
    W in Alexandria,, Va (where it snowed last Tuesday), USA

  2. I haven't seen Scuppernong before - but googled and you are right, they do look similar.
    I in Hamilton (where we had the hottest April day ever in the weekend) NZ :)

  3. Yes they do look yum and I'll bet they're nice and sweet. We have a humungous grapevine growing over a rubbishy area with macrocarpa stumps and a general wilderness area. It is one of several growing on the farm when it was bought over 50 years ago, but it is the only one remaining. This year it was absolutely covered with fruit and for some reason the birds had not made a right-royal picking of it, so we actually got some nice sweet grapes out of it. Small but sweet if allowed to ripen fully. A very old grapevine. I've often thought of making stuffed vine leaves but haven't done it yet. Have you Irene?
    D. xx

    1. It's funny you say that about the stuffed vine leaves. Apparently you have to use the leaves when they are young, which makes sense. This is the third year for this vine, and I always think of stuffed vine leaves at the end of the grape season. Must do them next year!!