Monday, 11 July 2016

July 9th and 10th - What Was That Blurr?

What was that? Oh okay, it was what is commonly known as a weekend. It went so fast, it didn't feel like it happened.

Saturday was spent catching up with family. A chance for us three sisters, Sophie, Lynette and myself, George, two dogs, and one cat who fled under the bed, to get together

Saturday was much better than Sunday. Sunday comprised of George heading in to work for quite a few hours, me doing the compulsory weekly grocery shop and getting Minnie out for her walk. George came home, and whilst I busied myself making a very yummy Lemon Syrup Loaf, George busied himself with the momentous event of the day. He finally managed to finish erecting our new garden shed. It came in kitset form and apparently made an Ikea installation look like childs' play. Couple that up with a few weeks of very long extended working hours stretching in to weekends, and our garage and the outside has housed individual shed walls. So it was an achievement to see it up and standing and completed (apart from it's contents of course). Definitely worthy of a photo opportunity


  1. Lovely to see another photo of you three sisters and of course the wee Star of The Show!!
    D. xx