Sunday, 3 July 2016

July 1st - 2nd Still Working and Jack Frost

The week finished of wonderfully on Friday with a catch up with my sister Lynette, brother-in-law Ian, and their friends Geoff and Deb Hutton. I attended solo as I cracked the whip and made sure George stayed home and had an early night. Which isn't the truth - he needed to stay home and have an early night. He had not only a hectic week at work, but worked both Saturday and Sunday the previous weekend. Combine this with a very early start for work the next day, so it was early to bed and early to rise for him. That did not have to apply to me. So on Friday evening, I was able to say I was Still Working - well at the bar called Still Working, for some yummy Pizza (thoroughly recommend their seafood pizza and it had the perfect thin base) and even better than the Pizza was some good company. This photo wasn't a pose, they were just all in awe at my magnificence and my bling bling phone case!

Saturday morning dawned, and Jack Frost sure did pay us a visit. Actually I think he doused the entire country of New Zealand in a spectacular white frost. The overnight low was minus 3 degrees celsius, and it was just a tad chilly. Actually more than a tad, it was damned freezing. Which was evident when I went to hop in the car to do the Saturday grocery shop.

There wasn't much chance of seeing out of the side windows

This was my view from inside the car and looking at my iced up windshield

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