Monday, 25 July 2016

July 22nd to 24th From Paris to Pukehina

Well we weren't in Paris, but on Friday did get to see a Paris landmark, and it's twin, on the back of another car. We were heading off to Pukehina Beach for an extended long weekend. What better place to recuperate after George's dental surgery. Minnie and I of course had to go along for the weekend, to also breathe in some restorative fresh air.

Back to the Paris landmarks - this is what we spied as we were driving, before we left Hamilton

Finally arriving at Pukehina, the beach that is our piece of paradise on earth. With a predicted stormy weekend ahead, we didn't anticipate many long walks on the beach. However the weather behaved itself and only during the night decided to misbehave. Gale force winds actually drowned out the sound of the sea, and on the second night torrential rain on an iron roof, also added to the noise levels. But it was a fantastic weekend and we truly felt  as if we had a relaxing break. Here's a section of snaps from our three day sojourn.

Home above the dunes

Extremely large pine cones
A little spot of colour in the front yard

Still afternoon
Stormy Afternoon
Minnie enoying her R & R

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